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Saturday, February 18, 2017
10:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

Sycamore Hills Park Community Center
(635 West Avon Rd)
Avon, Connecticut
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Marilyn Simon Rothstein
So, what does it take to publish a debut novel at age 63?

Upcoming Speakers

: Marilyn Simon Rothstein 

So, what does it take to publish a debut novel at age 63? 

For over twenty-five years, CAPA member Marilyn Simon Rothstein owned an advertising agency in Connecticut. At 63, she became a published author! Marilyn shares all at the CAPA meeting. 
Marilyn Simon Rothstein

March 18 - Anniversary Party - see Flyer

April 22: Michael Dooling 

In Search of Charles Island 
(re: An Historical Account of Charles Island)

Michael Dooling

Charles Island has fascinated many generations of Milford residents and visitors to the area. Legends of Captain Kidd’s treasure, hearsay of a once thriving resort, and the remnants of a religious retreat house imbue them with dreams of riches and a curiosity about the past. Like the sparse and storm-shattered remains of the structures that once graced the island, only bits and pieces of its history survive. Reliable information about Charles Island is strewn about here and there and the historical landscape is littered with misinformation, speculations and fictions.
Author, archivist and former news librarian Michael C. Dooling is the author of An Historical Account of Charles Island and will discuss the use of archives, newspaper databases and other historical resources he used to ferret out information on a subject about which little had been written. 
He made heavy use of primary sources such as property transfer records, maps from the 17th to 19th centuries, family papers, museum archives, 19th century newspaper advertisements, and period photographs.
He will share his knowledge of conducting historical research with CAPA members interested in researching history, genealogy, and background for historical novels.


Michael Dooling is the archivist at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury and former news librarian at the Waterbury Republican-American. He has written dozens of historical articles for the Republican-American, Connecticut Explored, Log of Mystic Seaport, Milford Living, and Naval History. He an award winning columnist for a weekly column titled "Big Wheels" in which he interviewed well known people about their experiences in their cars. He is the author of five historical books:

  • An Historical Account of Charles Island, an island off the coast of Milford now part of Sliver Sands State Park - Amazon

  • Milford Lost & Found relating to Milford stories that have been lost in the dustbin of history - Amazon

  • Clueless in New England, a true crime book about three old, unsolved disappearances including the oldest open cold case in Connecticut. - Amazon

  • The Haunting on East 27th that relates the true story of an investigation into a haunted house in New York in 1862. - Amazon

  • Seaworthy Timber, a biography of 19th century sea captain Aaron H. Wood of Swansea based on journals and letters from him and his wife. - Amazon

Michael makes his home in Middlebury, Connecticut.








Sycamore Hills Park Community Center
(635 West Avon Rd)

Avon, Connecticut

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Avon Public Library or Avon Middle School)
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